Yanet Acosta – Dental Assistant

Yanet Acosta

Yanet Acosta – Dental Assistant

Yanet is a typical Cuban girl who likes music, dancing, smiling and enjoys a good conversation. She joined our team in November of 2021 as a Dental Assistant.

She studied and graduated as a Dentist in Cuba in July of 2008. She practiced as a General Dentist for 4 years.

In 2012 she moved to the U.S.  and she started a new professional chapter in her life when she decided to work as a dental assistant in a new country with a new language.

She has been a Dental Assistant for 10 years, as a foreign dentist she has a lot of knowledge and skills that she likes to share with our patients every day.

Yanet is a lovely mom of two beautiful, little kids. Her hobbies are spending time with her young children and traveling around to different places to create memories with her kids and family.